DIVIA Award 2023 winner
Our jury has chosen the winner of the first DIVIA Award 2023
Marta Maccaglia, Peru 

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We care about diversity in architecture, and our first step is to make women architects visible.

At Diversity in Architecture (DIVIA), we believe diverse perspectives drive innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity in the built environment. While our ultimate goal is to promote diversity in all its forms, we are committed to taking meaningful steps to achieve this mission. Our first initiative focuses on promoting the visibility and contributions of women in architecture.


The visibility of women in architecture and the broader field of urban planning goes hand in hand with their public recognition. Awards like the DIVIA Award can significantly accelerate this development. Our platform and the DIVIA Award aim to recognize and honor the work of women architects, promote equity between male and female architects, and raise awareness of role models for young women in the field.

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